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Backflow Device Certification Final Notification - Form 10c (Online Form)

  1. Town & Country Utilities, Babcock Ranch Water Utilities as operated by Town & Country Utilities and
  2. Final Notice Backflow Device Certification Notification
  3. RE: Mandatory Backflow Device Testing

    Babcock Ranch Community Independent Special District Cross-Connection Control Policy (CCCP) requires Babcock Ranch Water Utilities to conduct an ongoing program for the detection and elimination of possible hazards associated with cross connections.

    All properties within Babcock Ranch must utilize potable water and are required to adhere to the CCCP, which requires periodic replacement or testing of the backflow device. The testing of your backflow device under this program is now required.

    Please consult the enclosed list of certified Cross Connection Control inspectors to have this testing completed by the below due date. Your Cross-Connection Control Certification Provider must submit the attached completed report to the Utility for its records by the below due date either via mail to Babcock Ranch Water Utilities c/o American Conservation and Billing Solutions, PO Box 51280, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80949-1280 or via email to

    The cost estimate for testing your Reduced Pressure Zone unit is $45.00, not including repairs, if needed.

    The cost estimate for replacing your check valve is $163.65.
    In an effort to ensure compliance, if Babcock Ranch Water Utilities does not receive a completed report by the due date, BRWU will test or replace your backflow device and your account will be charged the current rate as detailed in the current Potable Water, Wastewater and Irrigation Rate Schedule,

    Your timely cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Jon Meyer, Utility Director


  4. Telephone: 800-826-5721
  5. Form 10c – Rev 10/20/21
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