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Social Groups/Clubs are strongly encouraged by Babcock Ranch. Groups/Clubs in Babcock Ranch are designed to help residents pursue common interests in hobby, recreational, social, service, and cultural endeavors while building community spirit and expanding horizons. Groups/Clubs should encourage their members to fully participate and enjoy the diverse programs and facilities within the Babcock Ranch that make life here so enjoyable and rewarding. To guarantee that all Groups/Clubs are developed and executed successfully, all Social Groups/Clubs must complete the following form to be placed in the club directory. Please review the Social Group/Club Guidelines. Thank you for your interest.

Social Groups/Clubs Defined:

  • Social Interest Groups/Clubs Social Groups/Clubs are intended to be special interest Groups/Clubs that typically focus on recreational activities in an informal setting. These Groups/Clubs create opportunities to meet and grow in an organic nature.
  • Foundation Tax exempt organization created with the purpose of improving the quality of life in or outside of the Association. They typically have their own policies and procedures and maintain their own bank account.

Social Group/Club Qualifications:

  • Groups/Clubs must be open to all residents
  • Only residents can be part of the Group/Club
  • Groups/Clubs must have a designated leader assigned
  • Groups/Clubs should be recreational in nature and not pertain to religious or political interest
  • Groups/Clubs must adhere to the amenity hours of operations and policies; no special scheduling or reservations will be given.

Social Group/Club Leaders

  • Must be residents in good standing with the association.

What Rules apply to Social Groups/Clubs?

  • All records and activities of all Groups/Clubs are public records and subject to public disclosure upon request. This includes Group/Club membership and attendance.
  • Social Groups/Clubs need at least two (preferably more) events, activities, or Group/Club meetings per year to remain “active” as well as have at least five active members.
  • Social Groups/Clubs must provide reasonable information, including membership and activities, upon request by the Association.
  • All activities of the Social Groups/Clubs must be legal.
  • Note that the Association does not endorse or express an opinion on any Social Group/Club or any activities within or opinions expressed by a Social Group/Club.

If interested, please fill out the form below or complete it at home and drop it off at the HOA office at 42911 Lake Babcock Drive, Punta Gorda, FL. 33982

Group/Club Submission Form (PDF)

Group/Club Submission Form

  1. Group/Club Submission Form

  2. Roster Attached?*
  3. The Group/Club leaders name, email address and primary phone number will be published within the club directory.

  4. What is the targets audience for the Social Group/Club?
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  7. Please select which categories most resonate to the Social Group/Club:
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  9. Disclaimer:

    Babcock Ranch reserves the right to grant or reasonably deny a Social Group/Club request. The Leader, as well as Club events, activities, programs, etc., should always reflect the spirit and values of Babcock Ranch. The Babcock Ranch reserves the right to disassociate with a Social Group/Club at any time for reasons including but not limited to inactivity by the leader and/or lack of participation by members, Leader not being in good standing with Babcock Ranch, unreasonable actions of the Leader, action arising from members concerns, etc. Babcock Ranch reserves the right to include activities, photographs, etc., without further approval or compensation, for marketing, promotional and educational purposes.

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